Thursday, April 27, 2006

Damn good times

You know what's a fun thing to do if you want a few quick giggles and your friends to think you'r e a douchebag? Make up trivia about an opposing team while you're watching a game. It's particularely fun if it's an older team because that makes it all the more believeable.

But this might not work with your friends, as mine from New York are the most guillable group on the face of the Earth.

"Did you know the White Socks got their name originally because one of their owners in the early 20th century said in a fit of anger overheard by the press he'd just as soon wear lady's white stockings than see a person of color play the game of baseball? The Chicago Sun-Times just started calling them that and the name stuck."


"No! What's wrong with you?"

Wow, i just wrote that and I think it's the worst blog entry ever. But in my defense I'm working on a 20 page Lord of the Rings paper, which is enough to make any man crazy.

I'll probably read it tommorow, be embarassed and delete it.


Rick said...

Too Late,
Saw it already...

j. leo said...

I heard a story about how, during the 1950's, the Reds were named something else because of the Communist allegory. I don't know the truth to this or what they allegedly were called, but it's a nice story anyway.