Sunday, April 23, 2006

"On a Mission!"

Don't mean to double-post, but I went to the Padres web-site while writing that previous post to check Piazza's stats this season and I noticed they had their marketting slogan at the top of their website

"On a Mission!"

These things are always comedy gold. I got curious and went around to all the other teams' websites to check out theirs, here's a list.

Colorado - "genRation"
San Francisco - "Your SF Giants"
Arizona - "A New Brand of Baseball" (The A is the Diamondbacks logo)
Los Angeles - "Think Blue"
Cincinatti - "The Power of Tradition"
Houston - "Believe the Buzz"
Philadelphia - "Red means Go"
New York(N) - "The Team. The Time."
Florida - "Get Hooked Up"
Tampa Bay - "We Come to Play"
Chicago (A) - "Win or Die Trying"
Minnesota - "Twins Territory"
Kansas City - "Your Team, Your Town"
Texas - "Every day is Game Day"
Oakland - "A different brand of baseball"

Haha, between Arizona and Oakland, we have both new and different brands of baseball. very bored.

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