Sunday, May 07, 2006


Tonight, after watching TNT all evening(they know drama), I decided to log on to see if the Phillies were done with their game, which started at 8:05 despite being a home game. I feel like the Phillies are sort of a second home-town team, but also I wanted to see if they moved up a game in the wake of Lima's debut (see below). Yahoo is my home page. I log on, and I see this.

So yeah, there's no mention in that little blurb at all about the Phillies win, it's all about Bonds' latest home run. I could've just scrolled down a little bit and gotten it from the sidebar, but I was a little ticked at this. Like Drew, I'm no fan of Barry Bonds. Yeah he gives production, but never when it counts in the playoffs. Plus he's a bit of an asshole too and that's not even counting the whole steroids thing. So I decided to check out another site and went to ESPN's baseball page.

Same deal. Now I understand he's about to top the record of one of baseball's most mythical figures. Still, this front page news item is that Barry Bonds has almost topped the record of the player with the second most home runs. Despite the fact that if and when he ever breaks said record, he'll have an un-written asterisk next to it his whole career, much like Roger Maris.

I won't go on much longer, the blog is called insurance runs, not "We Hate Barry Bonds",
it just ticks me off that this is the news item. Not that the Phils extended their winning streak, and for the first time in weeks, moved a game up on the Mets. Sports media can be so annoying.


Rick said...

I motion to change the blog title to "We hate Barry Bonds"

j. leo said...

I just enjoyed the greeting he got from Philly fans.

He won't be back here anytime soon.

GonzoMC said...

Yeah, it was awesome to see those banners on Sportscenter.