Saturday, June 10, 2006

Turning Japanese

In a deal that stunned baseball pundits around the nation, the Mets traded top 2nd baseman Kazuo Matsui to NL West juggernaut, the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies were so overwhelmed at this accquisition of top talent that they immedietly did the right thing and assigned him to Triple-A Colorado Springs.

Remember the 90's when people actually got excited about newcoming Japanese players? Reality has set in, especially for Mets fans. The Mets have always been the first people to acquire mediocre Japanese talent from Kazuo Matsui to Masato Yoshii to Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Although I can't really complain about Shinjo just because he was hilarious. He wore these gigantic orange arm-guards and his nick-name in the New York media was "Mr. Sparkle". Became first player to complain of "funny bumps" in the outfield at Shea (each bump signifies a dead body).

I kinda wish someone would tell these Japanese players what's going to happen to them when they leave behind their multi-million dollar contracts and legions of silent fans in the far-East. That people will talk about them for a few months and bandy about exciting terms like, "The next Ichiro?" for a few months until they're forgotten. Maybe that should be Bobby Valentine's responsibility as manager of the Chibba Lotte Marines.

Anyway, always be skeptical of hyped players from Japan. The talent pool is no where near Major League level. Think of it as Triple A plus One. That goes for GM's too.

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