Friday, July 07, 2006

All-star? Game?

One of the most chic things to do in baseball around this time is to bash the all-star game. Go ahead and check any sports network that hosts opinion columns, and you're sure to find one. My favorite was one written by Jeff Passan for Yahoo Sports. First of all, how do you become an opinion columnist for Yahoo? It seems akin to being an executive chef for McDonalds. Lots of people are gonna eat your food, but no one's gonna care who made it. Anyway, Jeff came to the conclusion that the fans suck because of how the all-star teams turned out due to voting. No White Sox and no Nomar Garciaparra. He says fans suck for not voting those in, but instead he goes to blame the fans of the players who did get in for vague things like "stuffing the ballot box". Frankly, I think the issue is that White Sox fans and Dodgers fans must really suck for not bothering to vote for their favorite players. Then again, I don't think I've taken the time to fill out an all-star ballot since I was 15, so I'm not one to judge. Maybe it's because players from my favorite team never have a problem getting on (even if for years it was just Mike Piazza and no one else). Not the case this year with Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Lo Duca, Glavine and Pedro going.

In the all-star game's defense, I actually watch it. I was brought up to think of the All-Star game as this fun sorta carnival thingey where you get these weird team amalgamations that would never happen in real life so you may as well enjoy them while you can. Of course I was also brought up with stories of when the difference between the American and National League meant soemthing to the players (it still means a hell of a lot to me, but more on that later). Now, the leagues are little more than an organizational distinction, but because it used to be much more difficult to trade between leagues, the teams actually did develop a real rivalry between each other. Plus, this was before interleague play. If Bud Selig is looking for a reason All-Star game viewership has fallen off, he needs look no further than inter-league player.

In the all-star game, I root for the National League on principle. Why? I fucking hate the American League. I hope you're not hoping I'm going to elaborate.

The end.


Face of Spades said...

Kent Tekulve.

j. leo said...

The fans are indeed dumb if they decide to give A. J. Peirzyinski the last spot over Francisco Liriano.... (yes, I'm backing up Dan Shanoff on this one)