Friday, January 05, 2007

What the Eff? Who's running this shit show?

Breaking the silence on this beast because of Randy Johnson. What team in their right mind trades FOUR PLAYERS for a 43 year-old pitcher coming off of back surgery. Having done that, what team gives said pitcher an EXTENSION on an already over the top contract?

The guy is 43. Name a pitcher besides Phil Neikro (and possibly El Duque) who has had much success after that age. Jamie Moyer perhaps, depending what you consider successful to be.

All the same, this trade makes no sense. I hope this deal dies somewhere along the approval lines within the league office, because this is damn near the stupidest trade I've ever heard of. The guy is going to fall apart and the Yankees knows it. I can't see the motivation for this trade from the D-backs perspective at all, except maybe from a marketing standpoint.


Anonymous said...

Since they traded those two aces away, what have they been up to? NOTHING. Johnson can return to being a mentor to Webb... who I guess doesn't really need a mentor since he won teh CY Young and all.... and I think he played with Johnson already... okay you're right, this doesn't make sense.

They can all pretend it's 2001 again, because no one else is left from that team?

king said...

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