Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heating up

Thanks to Josh Barfield, the Hot Stove is officially 'on.' He says that Cleveland is a 'much better place for him.' He's lying, because the Padres have made the playoffs the past two years (in the weskest division in baseball, but they still made it.)

But forget that for a moment. MLB reports that the Diamondbacks are changing their uniform colors from purple and teal to red and black. Those aren't the technical names for the colors, but that's what they are. They've also changed the typeface for the jerseys to something more angular and sharp.

I like the new uniforms. Now they won't look like the entire team is headed to some horribly creepy easter egg hunt. They're quite overdue for the new look, too, since the whole pastel colors thing doesn't really do much to strike fear into the opposing team. The fact that your team, minus a few players, pretty much sucks too. Oh well.

The new color scheme and font, however, do not excuse the D-backs from their grave mistake of letting Eric Byrnes walk. Like the prodigal son, though, he's back in the desert now. Shame on you too, Orioles.

Seriously though, look at the dude. He's so slovenly. Even during his glorious stint as a commentator on Fox he couldn't pull himself together long enough to say, comb his own hair.

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