Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ch-Cha- Changes

In my decidedly unbusy afternoon and evening, I made some layout changes, with more forthcoming. If anyone has any suggestions or anything inciteful to say, let me know.

Brad Lidge gave up a grand slam in the 9th inning today, after starting the season 7-7 in save opportunities, and the first few articles I read about it all questioned his mental state since letting up a mammoth shot to Pujols last year in the NLCS. Dude is going to be fine, he blew one save out of eight. I know that's not what a closer is supposed to do and yada yada, but it happens. I don't think there's a closer in the league who won't blow a save this year. Lidge is a good pitcher who knows how to close games. Everyone has a bad night, unless you're in the White Sox Rotation, apparently.

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