Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hey Farva

What's the name of the place you like to eat? The place with the mozzarella sticks and all that goofy shit on the walls?

You mean Shenanigans?

Ohhh ho ho (hands O'Grady pistol).

The Phillies won a game today. In convincing fashion, no less. Buuuut over the only team in the NL Central that has a losing record. And the Phillies, playing in the worst division in baseball (only those New York Metropolitans have a winning record), have managed to win several games, despite the COMPLETE AND UTTER ABSENCE OF ANY PITCHING. Amazing. Better keep Ryan Howard in that six-hole, though. Everyone knows your most powerful hitter should keep getting protection from David Bell. No no, it's cool, he's hitting a smooth-tasting .247 this year.

Charlie Manuel: you are my hero.

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Lou said...

If you're going to be bad, at least be consistently so, I guess. Good job, Charlie. Keep up the...consistency.