Thursday, April 27, 2006

Transplanted fan needs - Donations Accepted

Hey all, glad to see this thing got off the ground so quickly. I'm happy to be a part of a group of guys just rapping about baseball while embracing lovely tangential topics like the number of hot dogs one needs to eat on Hot Dog Day to be a true fan. Like the digs so far, always up for more goodies.

Okay, I'm Adam, and I originally hail from the little burg of Lansdale, about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, though I've resided in Chicago for a little under two years now. My role as a transplant will probably provide a lot of material for this blog, hopefully in a positive way. I think Philly and Chicago are both great sports towns, and the brat-belchers really like their baseball here, which is cool. Getting used to the whole two-team scene is interesting, given the ingrained disparity between Cubs and White Sox fans. This dichotomy was nicely glossed over during the Sox's run for the Series last year, though. North or South Side, come October, it was all White Sox. I did make it to one Sox game last year, but have not made it inside Wrigley's ivy-covered walls yet. Part of the reason is that the Cubs always sell out every home game, while U.S. Cellular field could usually pass for a minor league park as far as attendance goes. Obviously that has changed a bit this year, but it's still infinitely easier to see the Sox play.

However, even while surrounded by the (anticlimactic) tumult that came with the World Series win, I still come into this seaosn a die-hard Phillies fan, which makes the Thome situation an interesting one, though I guess I wish the big lug well here in his new city. It would be much more painful if we didn't have Ryan Howard. So while I'll definitely watch a bunch of AL and NL games I normally wouldn't just because it's baseball, I definitely miss seeing the Phils on my TV screen. I really should get, where you can apparently watch any game for the whole season on your computer, not just one team as I previously thought. But, I just don't have the 80 bucks to spare. Then again, the longer I wait, the less value I get. Well, I'll get by with Gameday play-by-play and Sportscenter for now, but I will certainly accept donations for the ability to see the Phillies live.

Well aside from those introductory remarks, I look forward to creating some fun posts with you guys, and getting more into baseball than ever before. I think the diversity of favorite teams as well as representing every time zone will give us a nice little cross section of things to talk about. I'll check back soon with some actual baseball chatter. Stay in the ready position until then...


j. leo said...

Same with LA, where I have to deal with two teams (although the Angels are more prevalent for now, since they are literally down the street from me, that'll change later this year). Neither of them are all that fun to root for. They have big payrolls and good recent history (even if the Dodgers haven't won since '88, they have a bunch of titles and playoff appearances, and that's much better than Philly). Ah, those Phils. I miss them.

PatrickH said...

I have the radio dealie. It's nice because it's cheaper, you can listen to any team, and I kinda prefer to listen to the radio anyway. Guess I'm weird.