Thursday, May 04, 2006

232 walks

Okay, I just wanna get one thing straight: I fucking hate Barry Bonds. He's a cheater, he's a dick, and he's ruined the game. We all know the allegations and I suppose at this point we all believe what we want to about him. Yes, he's a good hitter - he's always been one of the most selective and has always had decent power - but that doesn't change the fact that you don't just get that much bigger when you're 35. You just don't. Our bodies don't work that way. Also, if my head got two hat sizes bigger, I would probably be a little worried.

Bonds came up with the Pirates in '86 (yar, 20 years ago) and came to the Giants in '93. Uh, don't get too close to him with that needle - he might explode.

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Lou said...

Man, look at that gut. Barry's really letting himself go.