Friday, May 05, 2006

3 up, 3 down

To celebrate the beginning of May, and because I'm bored and it's late, here are 3 guys doing really well who you may or may not have noticed. As well, here are 3 guys who you probably shouldn't take notice of because they're not exactly doing well. Anyhow...

3 up...

Toby Hall
In 80 AB's this year, the dude has only struck out once. He's batting .321 the highest on the Devil Rays, but only has 6 runs scored on the year. Maybe he should be batting before Johnny Gomes, not after.

Edgar Renteria
While he didn't do so well in Boston, he's thriving in Atlanta. He's batting .364, slugging .494 and has hit safely in 19 straight games... and only 2 errors on the year so far.

Bronson Arroyo
He isn't such a bad pitcher, it seems, once he's out of the bullpen. At 5-0 this season, he's tied for the most wins in MLB, and second only to Chris Carpenter in the NL for ERA and 4th in MLB with 2.06.

Honorable Mention: Matt Holliday. He's slugging .525 with 28 RBI's and 6 HR's, and has hit his stride in May. He's good in MVP '05, too.

And 3 Down...

Livan Hernandez
He's now 1-4 with a 6.29 ERA and 31 SO's after going 4-2 with a 4.04 ERA and 25 SO's last season through 7. When he's on, he's on this year, including 7-inning no decision against the cardinals where he only gave up 3 hits and a run. Still, at the rate he's going now, he'll end up 5-16. Not too good for your staff's 'Ace.'

A.J. Burnett
He's only pitched 10 innings this year, and all he's done is get himself an 0-1 record, given up 4 HR's, 12 hits, and a 6.30 ERA. I know he's on the DL at the moment, but the Jays took a risk in signing him, injuries and all, and he's left Halladay out to dry so far.

Preston Wilson
For someone getting paid $4 million this year, He's on pace for 31 HR's, but also on pace for 184 SO's, only 3 below his career high (in 2000 with Florida where, coincidentally, he also had 31 HR's) He needs to start getting a better read on the ball.

Honorable Mention: Josh Towers. He's 0-6 with a 10.59 ERA. Not what you want from your number two guy. They always have Burnett, I guess.

That's all, no more rambling tonight. Maybe I'll do this at the end of May. Probably not. Also, have the Phillies really won 5 straight games? Seems pretty improbable to me. I wish I could go to the games coming up against the Giants and heckle Barry Bonds. That, and watch him hit. Watching he and Pujols hit, though they come from two different schools (steroids and talent, respectively), watching the both of them is exactly like watching a video game.

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