Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Closing time

I really like the idea of a closer having a theme song; something to let the hometown crowd know that the game is 'over.' I didn't find a single pitcher who has used what I consider the best song ever to come in to. That, of course, would be Slayer's 'Raining Blood.' If you don't know it, just go download it and you'll see. I'm not going to get in to the Billy Wagner/Mariano Rivera 'Enter Sandman' debate, because I think that they're both big boys who should play nice. I will, however, analyze a few of the songs that pitchers have used, either currently or in the past.

Billy Wagner, Mets / Mariano Rivera, Yankees - Metallica 'Enter Sandman'
This song is awesome for its simple, instrumental opening. It's instantly recognizable, and since Rivera and Wagner are very effective closers, hearing that as a batter has to be intimidating. At the same time, since Metallica is so well known, the surprise is gone, and people may focus on the song more than the incoming pitcher.

Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox / Brad Lidge, Astros - Drowning Pool 'Bodies'
I know Lil' Papi is a young guy, but that's no excuse for using this horrible song. Hopefully, like Keith Foulke (coming up next), someone else picked this song for him. The whispering at the beginning, followed by the scream, is pretty raucous, but all the same, after the intro, there isn't much there. The line 'something's got to give' is pretty bad, too, since that's exactly what these two are in there not to do.

Keith Foulke, Red Sox - Danzig 'Mother'

Okay, this is probably one of the best choices for any closer. The fact that Johnny Damon and Kevin Millar picked this out for him in 2004 is pretty great. It's kind of simply, almost country in some places, but anyone who can come in to a song called 'Mother' is pretty badass.

Brian Fuentes, Rockies - Staind 'For You'

I know it's Staind, but this song has a really dark intro. The word mother is in this song as well, oddly enough. Aside from the low, pulsing intro, this song doesn't have much else going for it. He had his club record streak for saves snapped on Friday, and I'm sure this song is the reason.

Francisco Cordero, Rangers - Bill Conti 'Gonna Fly Now' (Rocky Theme)
Okay, this song isn't intimidating at all. But it's the theme from friggin Rocky, and you know what Rocky did in the end: win. Not a bad pick for a song, I guess.

Eric Gagne, Dodgers - Guns N' Roses 'Welcome to the Jungle'
Yes, Eric, yes. Soaring intro, breaking down in to pure rock. I listen to this song when I need to get pumped to complete a mountain of work. Definitely a good pick.

Eddie Guardado, Mariners / Trevor Hoffman, Padres - AC/DC 'Hell's Bells'
The bell is quite the attention getter, but it would definitely work better for Tom Gordon out in Philly. They could move that giant bell in the outfield they use for home runs. It would be perfect. Dude's voice isn't really that scary, though, it just sounds like he's in pain.

Jason Isringhausen, Cardinals - Sevendust 'Black'
Sevendust sucks. So does Isringhausen in the clutch (sometimes).

Todd Jones, Tigers - Building 429 'Glory Defined'
What a horrible song to come in to. There's no way I'd be afraid of this guy, and there's no way I'd want to warm up to this. It's slow, sappy and boring.

Joe Nathan, Twins - Big Head Todd 'Boom Boom'
Quite a different song from the others on this list, and for that Joe gets credit. It's still pretty silly, but I guess that's what gets him up for the 9th.

Huston Street, A's - Nas 'Hate Me Now'
Great pick. It has the potential to throw off opposing batters, and it's definitely good to warm up to, I would imagine. Kind of odd, because Huston seems like the whitest white dude name this side of Thadeus.

Bobby Jenks, White Sox - P.O.D. 'Boom'
P.O.D. is the band that fat metal kids drool over. Bobby Jenks is a fat metal kid, I assume, so whatever works man...

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Drew said...

Doesn't Rocky lose?

Lou said...

Sometimes, yeah. Cordero isn't doing all too well anyhow, so I guess it fits.

j. leo said...

My little league coach won back-to-back-to-back world championships... with Fred McGriff's help.

Face of Spades said...

Kent Tekulve, Pirates: Andy Gibb "Shadow Dancin'"

Drew said...