Sunday, October 08, 2006


They proved me wrong....

and everyone.


Tigers vs. A's for the AL pennant. Who'd have thunk it?

(Yeah, A. Rod ........ you do suck.)

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Lou said...

I'll tell you who... It's that damn sasquatch.

But seriously, all 19 of the ESPN experts who picked their choices for the website took the Yankees. Gammons picked the Yankees to win it all, and has a column out today about how 'Nobody should be surprised at the Tigers.' What a dick.

7 took the Twins to win it all
6 took the Yankees
2 took the Dodgers

...Leaving only 4 still standing; of those 4:

3 took the A's
1 took the Mets

No votes for the Cards, Padres or Tigers. Goes to show you how nuts the postseason can be.